A student of life...well the undead now.


Strength: 27
climb: +5 to any attempt, add emp points for confidence. +1d3 stg

Perception: 34
navigator: +d3 per situation, +10 pre nav checks.
tertiary: E roll every 1.5 miles

Empathy: 34
first aid: 2nd tier +5 per tier to first aid checks.
degradation reduced by .5

Will: 30
mild addiction: cigarettes
avoid: willpower check

A 21 year old San Diegan, Tara met Treavor about 3 and a half years ago and have been dating for 3 of those years. Tara has tried all kinds of weaponry. Blades being her favorite, she has her machete and her throwing knives with her, almost as a constant in this Zombie apocalypse. Will she get out of this alive? She doesn’t know. Will some zombies die by her hand? Hell yes.


Dead Coast Vertigotara